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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oil Painting Lessons/Demos

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There´s only one Master Artist. Not even Michelangelo nor DaVinci nor any of the greats came even close to the Master´s works of art. We can only be satisfied to strive to do our best when we join in the creative process...and even then, we´re puny in comparison.

When I paint, I try to allow the spirit within to do as it pleases. The beauty of art is that, in spite of all the rules (which in reality are only tools of the trade), there are no rules. You can break, bend, twist, disregard and even use "the rules." It just depends on what effect you want to achieve at the time.

Have you noticed that the greatest artists of our time, such as the Impressionists, Picasso, Dali... are precisely the ones who broke the rules?

You can make the drawing and the colors as close to nature as you possibly can or you can simply let your imagination fly and create your own. In the creative process and in the realms of imagination, anything and everything is valid.

I don´t have a limited palette. I have about 30 colors and I hope to buy even more and use them all. I have all kinds of brushes and palette knifes.

I hope I never settle for just one style or color scheme because to do so would also imply putting limits on the creative process.

When I start to paint, I start with an idea but could actually end up doing something completely different than what I originally had "in mind."

I don´t paint when I really don´t "feel" like it. I believe that when we paint we leave a part of our energy and spirit on the canvas. That´s why so many artists, including myself, feel that their paintings are their "babies". In a way, they are.

I also believe anyone, with a sincere desire to do so, can paint. Before any of us could read or write, we could paint. I believe it´s an innate ability in all of us. Perhaps, it´s God´s way of letting us share in the joy of the creative process.

What is Fine Art?  Click the following link to see some definitions:

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God Bless !!!

Beatriz Socorro

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