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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nude Male #4 - Painting Demo

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A friend suggested that I call him "The Stud".

Male Nude #4 aka "The Stud"
Original Oil on Canvas
by Beatriz Socorro

This is another alla prima (wet-on-wet) painting.

Notice how I like to do what some say I shouldn´t, such as blending paint directly on the canvas and that I hardly ever start a painting with an imprimatura. Naughty, naughty !!

What is imprimatura? 

The only color I blended first on the palette. before applying it to the canvas with a palette knife. was the off-white, for which I first mixed White with barely a pinch of Cadmium Yellow Pale.

The other colors were applied straight from the tube: 

Medium Red
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Orange
Burnt Sienna

If you enlarge and observe the photo, you will notice that the quantity of Medium Red applied decreases as you go up, that there´s more of it on the left and hardly any on the right side.

The burn Sienna was applied only at the bottom.

Because this is a wet-on-wet painting there is no need to add mediums, unless the paint in your tube has thickened some and you need to thin it a bit. You can mix it with some linseed oil to give it back its fluidity before applying it to the canvas with a palette knife.

Nude Male Painting Demo
Step 1

Now comes my favorite part.

With a flat brush dipped in the off-white paint,  outline the figure.

And then...let your fingers do as they wish.

I love to use my fingers when I paint. I love to feel the paint. I love to let my fingers do as they wish without further thought on my part.

It´s an intimate feeling - not sexual, not a fetish - but definitely something very sensual and  intimate with the paint and the work.

The truth is:  I never create the work...it creates itself.

For me, it´s always such a pleasure to watch as it evolves with a mind of it´s own.

So, use your fingers, let them do as they wish, without any expectations on your part, and experience what I am talking about.

Nude Male Painting Demo
Step 2

Using the same colors, mix the Medium Red with Cadmium Orange to obtain the darker shade and use the same off-white for the lighter areas. For the very dark areas use pure Burnt Sienna.

Above you can see how I first applied the paint side by side, as if painting by numbers.

Once you have filled in the different areas, with a brush start to blend. Notice that this time, though, instead of just softly blending the edges, I also lightly blended the colors with each other. When you do this you must be careful to avoid excessive blending.

I suggest that if you have never done this before, you try it first on your palette or a separate piece of canvas and see how it works. Otherwise you will ruin your painting.

You want to move your brush lightly  and freely from one color to another without excessive blending.

The photo below shows how I first applied the colors side by side and how I then  started to blend the colors.

I usually let the brush follow the direction of the shape of whatever subject I am painting. In other words, an ocean would be with horizontal strokes. Clouds would be curved, etc..

But in this case, you will see that I just let the brush go in whatever direction it wanted.

Nude Male #4 Painting Demo
Step 3

Have fun and God Bless !!!

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