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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Contemporary Art

Oil Painting Lessons/Demos

Oil Painting on Canvas by Beatriz Socorro
Here´s an example of how often I change my mind while working.

My first colors of choice were:  a red back ground with a purple flower.

Once I had filled the background, the flower and the leaves, I wasn´t satisfied with the red background. So, I allowed it to dry and then changed it to orange.

I still wasn´t happy with the result. So, after the paint had dried to the touch, I changed the background again as well as the flower. As you can see in the top photo, I left some of the orange.

Of course, throughout the entire process I keep track of how many layers I have already applied and make sure I use the appropriate medium.

For the final result, I re-painted the whole flower and most of the background.

Flower: For the highlights, I mixed White + a pinch of Magenta and used a darker tone of the same colors for the shadows and the grooves.

I used the same blending technique as in the previous demos.

If you observe the first photo, you can see where and how I applied the different shades of Magenta and White.

Background: I mixed, on my palette, different shades of:

Cadmium Yellow Deep + White
Cadmium Yellow Light + White
and some pure Cadmium Yellow Deep

and applied that to the rest of the background with loose strokes.

For the orange section of the background I used pure orange.

Leaves: For the leaves I used three different shades of Viridian Green + Cadmium Yellow Pale.

Notice that each leaf is done in a different shade of the same color: the uppermost being the lightest and the darkest one in the back.

Note:  I did not add any highlights or shadows to the leaves. I applied the paint evenly on each leaf using a thicker coat of paint and applying  pressure on the brush to give it  texture. The different tones you perceive and the semblance of veins on the leaves are caused solely by the texture resulting from pressing on the brush.

For the center of the flower I used the a darker shade of the same green as for the leaves. Once the center dried completely, I gave it a thin glaze of Cadmium Yellow Pale.

To see the photo I used as a model for this painting, go to: Flowers A1

I hope you have an easier time with this painting than I did.

God Bless!!

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