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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to Have Some Fun - Modern Art & Minimalism

Contemporary Art
Art Lessons

It´s time to have some fun and play!!

Getting physically old does not mean one has to get mentally old and boring as well.

Modern Art

Andy Warhol
Eat Your Heart Out !

With a nail make three holes in the back of the soda can and drain it.

Pierce three corresponding holes through a 12" x 16" canvas.

Cut 3 pieces of stainless steel wire to a length of about 1 1/2 in. each. Bend then into the shape of fishing hooks (making the hook as tight as possible and yet open enough so as to be able to slide the wire into the can).

Run the wire through the canvas holes into the can.

Glue the exposed ends of the hooks to the canvas and then glue a strip of canvas over the hooks so that they are not be visible.

Study in Minimalism

Quarks, Leptons & Bosons
Oil on Canvas
12" x 16"

No!  This is not a black cat in dark alley on a dark night.

Quarks, leptons and bosons are the smallest particles known to man.  We can´t get more minimal than that at this time.

According to today´s scientists, they cannot be seen because they are confined inside subatomic particles.

So, quarks and leptons and bosons are, in this sense, like God.  Scientists now want us to have faith and believe in that which cannot be seen.

So, please allow the child in you as well as  your artistic self to fly and imagine them in whatever shape or form you so desire...and BELIEVE!!

If you trust 21st century science, then you can be certain that they are definitely contained within the subatomic particles that form this black canvas.

Mini-Interview with the Artist:

Q. Why did you choose a black canvas instead of the standard white canvas normally used in minimalist art? 

Beatriz Socorro:
 For two good reasons:

1. The molecules that transmit the full color spectrum create what we know as the color "white".

The  molecules that dissolve or absorb the full color spectrum produce the color "black".

Therefore, in this study, I have successfully eliminated the full color spectrum and thus added to minimization.

2.  Black offers an interactive, neutral background on which the viewer can allow their vivid imaginations to run wild.

Q. Why did you choose this size of canvas for your study? What meaning were you trying to covey?

Beatriz Socorro:   I really wanted to use miniature canvases such as you see in dollhouses.

Unfortunately,  this past off-season was so bad for local businesses in general (including me) that I couldn´t afford to buy any more canvases, not even miniature ones. This was the smallest size I had at hand.

However, to compensate for the size, I made sure I reduced to a minimum the mental and physical effort required to create the art work.

NOTE: If you wish to learn more about Minimalism, a recognized art form created over half a century ago by  Yves Klein and which has earned a place in the most renowned museums worldwide, such as the Metropolitan, Guggenheim, The Louvre, etc.,  read the post titled:  "Breaking the Rules".

Breaking The Rules


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