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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nude Female 2

Modern Art
Painting Lessons/Demos

Female Nude 2
Oil Painting on Canvas
by Beatriz Socorro

Here´s another simple and fun painting.

This will also be an exercise in observation.

Notice that the light and shadows are totally defined.

It was done in two layers.

First Layer

Second Layer

First apply the base colors and let it dry well.

If you enlarge the photo, you will notice that the brush strokes are smooth and long and follow the shape of the figure.

The Colors:

Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Grumbacher Red
Lavender:  mix Violet  + White
Aqua:  mix Viridian Green + Light Yellow
Blue:  mix Ultramarine + White

Notice that the shadow that goes  from the spine to the armpit and the lines that define the lower part of the buttocks are more of a fuchsia color. Just add some red to the lavender  until you get the desired hue.

Once the first layer has dried completely, using linseed oil as a medium, make glazes for each of the different colors you will use for shadow effects. Make the glaze thin enough so that the underlying color shows through but not so thin that the effect is not visible.

Observe the second image closely and you will see where I applied the shadows on the yellow section of the figure. I first covered the whole section with a Light Yellow glaze and,  for the deeper shadows, I used the same Yellow as it came straight from the tube (without adding any medium to it).

Compare both photos and notice how I applied the Orange glaze over the Cadmium Yellow Deep. Notice that I did not apply the glaze over the whole figure.

Make sure you apply the glazes in a way that some of the underlying color shows through.

  • For the Red area in the background and the figure:  use a very  thin glaze of Carmin.
  • For the Lavender areas:  mix darker and lighter shades of Violet + White and glaze as seen in the photo.
  • For the green: mix a lighter hue of Viridian Green and Light Yellow and glaze.
  • For the aqua:  mix a lighter hue of Viridian Green and White and glaze.
  • For the blue:  mix a lighter hue of Ultramarine + White and glaze.

I hope you enjoyed this demo. 
Have fun and God Bless!!

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