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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nikola Tesla - still a work in progress...

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Well, almost....

Nikola Tesla
Unfinished Oil Painting on Canvas by Beatriz Socorro
after  photograph by  Napoleon Sarony
Work in Progress

Poor Tesla has been hanging on my wall for over a year and a half,  patiently waiting for spirit to move me.

Well, he´s finally back on the easel.  Only God knows when he will be finally finished or what he will look like in the end. He still needs  highlights, some darker shadows and, definitely, eyelashes.

One thing I do know for sure and that is that, if I don´t ruin him next time I work on him and I don´t die before I finally get him finished, he will be one of my most famous paintings.

Why will he be one of my most famous paintings? 

Because he is already famous...   :))

He's up there with the likes of Jules Verne and DaVinci...a genius...a visionary. The kind of person whose mind simply blows us away.

Here are some of his inventions...just to name a few:

Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia

Tesla Memorial Society

Hummm....I wonder how much this painting of Tesla will sell for at Sotheby´s or Christie´s after I die.

I´ll probably attend the auction in spirit form and when I hear the price I will scream:

"Not fair!!! Why didn´t you pay ME that when I was alive?"

Now you can see why I don´t do commission portraiture or any kind of commission work for that matter. None of my customers could ever be as patient as Tesla.

Poor guy´s been in the closet for so long he couldn´t take it anymore and wants exposure at all costs...even if he´s still unfinished.

I only paint that which I am drawn to at the time. If I try to paint something when I am not in the mood for it, no matter how hard I try, nothing comes out right. Nothing!

Besides,  I can only paint those faces whose expressions draw me to them...that call me. The expression has always been most important to me. I am still working on that mischievous little grin on Tesla. I wonder what he is thinking. His smile is more intriguing than the Mona Lisa´s.

Nikola Tesla
Photograph by Napoleon Sarony
Source: Wikimedia.org

Oh, sometimes I envy artist Salvador Ortiz (in a good way). He can whip out masterpieces with the same ease as if he were flipping burgers.

I truly admire his talent as well as that of portrait artists who sit on sidewalks or malls and paint amazing portraits of people in an hour´s time. They are definitely admirable artists!

Anything else we paint, whether it be the body, a hand, a butterfly or whatever, does not have to be exact to look like what it´s meant to be. But, in portraiture, even the tiniest little detail can change the likeness of a person. I definitely applaud those artists who have such talent.

Unlike them, it takes me forever to paint a portrait.

AFTERWORD:  Besides admiring Tesla for his genius, what I like the most about him is that he too believed in aliens and was ridiculed  for it.

Let me clarify that statement, I don´t mean I like the "ridiculed" part but, rather,  that he believed in aliens.

Today he doesn´t seem so crazy after all, huh?

I wonder if the men in black had anything to do with his death. He knew too much!!

Maybe like Dr. Wilhelm Reich they needed to be rid of him.

Reich was imprisoned, his works destroyed and he conveniently died of heart failure, in jail, right before he was due for parole.

It´s noteworthy that the government zoomed in on Tesla and Reich at the same time that they started to work on sophisticated weapons and publicly talking about UFOs. The government made sure to downplay the UFO part, take all the research papers away from the public eye and then came up with some other lame reasons to cover up and justify their actions.

Project Camelot

Who Was Wilhem Reich?

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

One of these days I am going to paint another one of my favorite people: Jules Verne.

And one of these days I´ll write a post about the Mona Lisa  :))

Have a great day  :))

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