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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deer Dancer - work in progress

Contemporary Art
Modern Art

The Deer Dancer
El Fuerte, Sinaloa

The Deer Dancer
Oil Painting on Canvas
by Beatriz Socorro
Work in Progress

Well, here´s another one of those paintings that have been hanging on my wall for eons...

I tried to work on this one when I was not moved because I felt I needed to get it finished....and each time I tried, I only made a mess.

So, I finally gave up and let the poor boy hang until spirit moved me.

Well, it looks like spirit finally got on the ball....  :))

Now he only needs the finishing touches: highlights, shadows, seashells around his lower legs, belt....but the main part is finally done.

I intend to leave the background as is, except I might add the shadow cast by the figure on the ground or I might not. Only spirit knows for sure what the end result will be.

I consider myself privileged to have watched this young boy, not more than 8 years old, doing the Deer Dance. He is by far the best dancer I have ever seen!  He was not performing the Deer Dance...he WAS the deer. He became a deer.

I would give anything to capture his true essence on the canvas...but I´m afraid I don´t even come close.

I have to ask  René and Canye Zazueta  in El Fuerte, Sinaloa,  the name of this amazing little boy.

I am also privileged to have had the fortune of meeting Rene and Canye and the wonderful people of El Fuerte and, specially, to be able to count them among my dear friends.

If you want to fall in love with Mexico and, specially, the Mexican people....be sure to go to El Fuerte and be sure you meet the locals. It will be an experience you will never forget and that will continue to live forever in your hearts.

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