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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nude Male #1

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Nude Male #1

I was chatting with artist Laurel Gordon and she asked me to show her the first step of what I was working on. So I sent her a picture.

She said to me, " It even looks good as it is".

She got me thinking and I took a good look at it and said, "You know...you´re right !! "

So here´s the finished-unfinished version of the nude male torso...

Graphite/oil Paint on Canvas
by Beatriz Socorro
Nude Male 1 after "Orfeo" by Roberto Ferri

This is one of the fun and definite beauties of art...breaking the rules !!!

Note:  You cannot use varnish on a graphite or charcoal drawing.
Adding a a charcoal/graphite fixative can alter the appearance.
There are pros and cons. Do some research before making the decision.

I chose to spray with a fixative. Be sure to hold the  can about a foot away from the sketch. Sway your arm back and forth as you spray over the surface.  Don´t saturate the surface.

I like to sketch on paper before I transfer the drawing to the canvas. The reason is that this way I don´t smudge the canvas with the eraser each time I make a correction.

It has a secondary advantage as well. I can make as many versions of the same sketch as I want without having to start again from the beginning.

So, this is one time when I will make two versions of the same subject. The finished-unfinished version above and the one I'm still working on and which will be my next demo.

Step 2 of my next Demo

* Nude Male 1 by Beatriz Socorro "after" Orfeo by Roberto Ferri

God Bless!!

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